My web logs are gathered from old notebooks, napkins, antique computers and whiz-bang pocket gadgets. These personal reflections and observations were made all along the course of my life as I've meandered through chance and choices.


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I was born into a family with a history of mental illness.

Early on I witnessed paranoia and people who always suspected that "some one is listening in"

By the time I got to the early James Bond movies and Q's technology, I accepted that yes "they can listen if they choose to"



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Composing this with the new articles editor in the back-end of my Joomla site.

Personal publishing has been my pursuit since childhood's "The Harlan Press". My fifthgrade classmates composed and memographed enough copies to share with the whole school. At Forest Hills Junior High I moved on to a humor rag, again memographed, entitled "More Trash from the Idiots".

Around 1987 I colided with the Macintosh personal computer and the early iterations of Adobe PageMaker and QuarkExpress. Assisting clients with personal publishing technologies became my livlihood.

The fall of 1993 I literally bumped into one of the directors of The Laplaza Telecommunity, and within hours I was hired as an instructor and computer lab manager for the University of New Mexico's Tao Education Center. During the conversations of that afternoon I was asked to build the new telecommunitie's web site. I didn't know what a web site was, so I told them "if it can be done with a Macintosh computer, I'll be happy to build it". That's how I became a web publisher.

This was back at the beginning of the world wide web explosion. "Mosaic" the amazing first graphical web browser program was running on the Macs in my new computer lab which was connected via ethernet to the hottest rod in town, the Taos Education Center's T-one line.  Over the next year Mosaic would morph into Netcape Navigator and wage a death match competition against Internet Explorer which followed on its heels.


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