the tao
which can be told 
is not the eternal tao

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Assorted Memories - 12valley path receives my feet

as two more leaves

golden carpet

turning black

rich decay

food for roots



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Standing at a locked door with the key in my pocket Looking through the window forgetting where i am



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I woke from a dream this morning. . .


I was in class at the new UNM South Taos campus, one among many students. For several minutes I was aware that storm clouds were rolling in from the south. As the sky became darker and darker, darker than I had ever seen a daytime sky, I became curious and left my desk to go outside on the poarch where a small group of students had already gathered and were watching the approaching boiling skys. I could see through the window back into the building that most students were still at their desks taking no notice of the atmospheric phenomenon.

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said the prophet to the child,
“Beware my words, what some think food are mearly turds.”


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JETselfportraitwhere beginings end
and ending appears

in the pink matter
between your ears

(it takes a pickler to grey mind’s gears)

only ideas can be plucked
from the whole

starting from nowhere
to stop at a goal

(to be just one thing is a difficult role)

to be continued…


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JETselfportraitstringing words together line them up just so

if i can make the meanings mind maybe then you'll know

the riddle of the ages looking in your face

you don't understand

a word was out of place



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