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EarthRise-GIF image 696x542November 26, 2009

As I fade into the new year, I would like to share my “big idea” for humankind’s greatest and most enduring monument, an “albedo” enterprise.

Thirty years ago, I was a “start up” operator at our local Titanium Dioxide factory.
When we built the place someone didn’t get the logic quite right in the controls for the pneumatic conveying valves and the main header for transporting the TiO2 powder into the storage bins would dead head (one valve would completely shut before the valve on the next bin started to open) when we switched bins. All that energy had to go somewhere, so poof, the pressure relief valves would open and that eight story building would disappear in a dust cloud of the whitest substance in nature, titanium dioxide.

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Assorted Memories - 12valley path receives my feet

as two more leaves

golden carpet

turning black

rich decay

food for roots


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I hear the sounds of keys tapping waiting for an echo from someone I Love.

Telepathy is great for emotions but it has its limits.

These strings of squiggles do better for facts
 and fancies and fables.

They don't hang in the air like a song
 or drape canvas like color

but they can fly away 
and reform in a like mind

as a shared orchestra of meaning and light.

jet - 1996

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the u aint scean me naked on stage yet baby blues






posting: Thursday, November 23, 1995


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where's your stuff

my stuff got stolen once
from the laundramat
under the counter
all clean dryed and folded
leaning stuffed
in a big pillow case
where i thought
nobody would see it

when i got back from happy hour
i was sad
not hardly drunk
almost homeless
and with out a stitch of clothes
in the world
cept what i was wearing

it was a time of life when
i had much less to keep up with


Jim Tucker, Brigetta and Uncle Charlie in the meditation room of 616 Ruxton Avenue, above the Cog Rail Depot - Manitou Springs, Colorado



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